[2013 post]Cancelling the apocalypse! – The line

Today… At the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other. Today there is neither a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone. Not today.

Today we are Cancelling the apocalypse!

The line:

It was dawn and  winter was coming, people don’t get on to the streets at this time, but there was a huge crowd on that area and they were on lines already!  The line was on NYC’s 5th avenue and the autumn-fall air was getting chillier as winter. Those lines directly lead to a glass building. That day it looked like all those lines leads to that glass building. At 7AM there were hundreds in the line already, there were people who dressed on the night pants, in suits, with night beds and chairs and dogs and cats and food and…… Lots of camera men are running here and there to get pictures of those people and people in turn are taking pics of those camera men in turn with their smart phones. Crazy world!

Our guy stood on the 2nd place and was very disappointed with that position, though he came in last night imagining that he would be number 1, he got the next place after a Korean or Chinese guy on that first (they both look like same). Still his eyes were eagerly searching for that one tight suited guy. He was looking all 360 degrees so that he won’t miss him and it would be cruel to miss him. He came in at fifteen past 7 and went directly to our guy and handed over 7 $100 bills (1st place would have added 3 more bills) and casually our guy slipped out of the line and the tight suit guy took 2nd position in line. No one uttered a word. This was better than last time, our guy thought.

Our guy was laughing at himself and went straight to a hot dog shop and then to a coffee shop. Then he started walking towards that line and this time he was smiling at all the other folks. After 5 minute walk he went to the same line and took the last place happily. The bell rang 8AM and people are getting crazier by seeing all those blue t shirted Yankee wankies coming out of that glass building. Our guy had the best hot dog ever that day and was still smiling, as the time passed by people were flocking towards that line and there were a hundred people behind him as well. To pass the time, he started counting the folks on that line and at the time he counted the last one it came around 1417 and there was a loud voice coming in from that glass building, and they were counting down something, 5…4…3….2…1…..YAY!!!!

People thrust inside the store as if they are going to meet Jesus H Christ on that building. The tight suit guy was all on smiles to enter the store as second and happily left in another 5 mins with the same smile. Our guy was moving along the line as a giant anaconda after a heavy breakfast.  The line started moving faster and by 9.20 he was inside. He directly went to one blue tee guy and told him what he needs. He had exactly $50 before that tight suit came in and now he has $745 on his hand. The blue tee came up with a black rectangle box which was having a rectangular slab picture on its front with a grid of iCons, oh yeah those people call it as Apps. He was smiling again at his sheer brilliance. This is how our guy bought an iPhone 5s same as the iPhone 4 two years ago (though he got only 4 $100 bills that time and had to pay the remaining last time )

The place was Apple Store 5th Avenue and the date was September 20th 2013.

And so goes our guy’s story ,back and forth as his taste for new technology is never getting older. 

Hi, I’m tamilvalai

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