[2013 repost]Haircut -Men

Haircut. -this post is not for bald.

I don’t know when i had my first haircut, i bet i would have cried during my first haircut. For me haircut is one thing we do on regular basis(long haired folks step aside). Haircuts varies with our age,

childhood – we cry.
Teenage – confusion on choosing the right style and whatever style we choose we always end up with our parents scolding.

College age – we follow the trend , blindfold we follow what ever that is top of trend and we really never care whether it suits us .

Pre Marriage age – we cautiously cut our hair since the hair fall on its peak. Whatever style our friends praised during college period continues here.

After Marriage – haircutting time comes down exponentially due to non availability of hair on head and some people expects discounts for hair cuts for the above reason .

After children – you go to saloon with your kids and once their haircut is done after long struggle we sit and after 5mins of haircut and 45 mins of hair dye we go out with our still crying child.

After 50- we go to salon just for time pass.

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