[2014 repost]Indian Politics – Pseudo Secularism

Secularism – “a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations”.

In India, secularism has a different meaning, embrace the minorities by Insulting the majority. Indian politics always circled around BJP and CONGRESS, where congress who involved in Sikh riots are named secular and BJP who had their share during Ayodhya, Godhra riots are non secular.This played a major role in all those elections after 1990’s


By definition if you see, Congress is more non secular than BJP and same is the case for RJD,JDU and most of the northern political parties. They might think that being away from,Hinduism and closing enough towards Muslims and Christians make them secular. I would have agreed if their real aim,is to help those people.But turns out these political parties want to split up the religions and siding towards some just for vote bank politics,thereby betraying all those people.

In South, esp Tamil Nadu the case is slightly different and more aggressive. We have these Dravidian parties out here and their ideologies are based on atheism which says that at institutional level there is no god. If there is no god,there should not be any religions and hence go against all. So they took the similar Pseudo Secular stance and went against hindus. Fair, but isn’t it against their ideologies? Who cares. 

Let me be more clear, in a country where there are a billion people, with majority as single religion we need secular parties more than any other country. But the real problem comes when those parties go out only for vote bank and betray those people who believe in them.

Now the stage for Gen. elections 2014 is set and with AAP on its rise , this election might witness something we haven’t witnessed in decades.  Yes this time its not about secularism. Its about corruption and development. Is AAP secular? no one cares, Will they do any good to people? Everybody Believes so. Is Modi the Man? Looking at Gujarat, yes He is. Can Rahul do a Miracle to save Congress from Debacle? NOPE.

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